“Families of children with autism spectrum disorder desperately need high quality, comprehensive, behaviorally-based, in-home support.”

Donald Oswald, PhD, LCP

Your Reliable Resource

for Children with Autism

Spectrum Transformation Group is the single, reliable resource for children diagnosed along the autism spectrum. Like most parents of children with autism, you’re probably exhausted. Navigating the school system, keeping up with medical concerns, managing insurance and financial issues and locating appropriate community resources for your child – it’s a continual challenge.

With the majority of in-home behavioral health services for children, there’s no distinct difference between treatments for autism and those for other behavior–related disorders. Our experience with autism spectrum disorders tells us that’s not the best approach – and so does the latest medical research. Spectrum is one of the only clinical practices of its kind in the state where the primary focus is on autism and the most effective, research–based tools to diagnose and treat it.

Spectrum Transformation Group’s “medical home” approach offers you a single source for everything from case management to advocacy support to treatment and diagnosis. Our experienced team of clinicians and behavioral counselors will help you identify and access all the medical and non-medical services your child needs to reach his or her full potential.


Our Mission & Goal

Spectrum Transformation Group is a learning organization using evidence-based practices to promote full potential.