Spectrum visits college campuses…..

Oct 16, 2015


Spectrum Transformation Group recently visited the campuses of James Madison University and George Mason University to attend Fall Career Fairs.  This was a great opportunity to meet with students pursuing degrees in Psychology, Human Services, and Mental Health to provide an overview of the services Spectrum provides to the community.  We met quite a few students who were very passionate about working with children and adults diagnosed with Autism upon their graduation.  Many shared how Autism had touched their lives via a sibling, family member or friend who had been diagnosed.

Based on the conversations held during both fairs, we are excited the opportunity was provided to start building relationships with students who potentially could be future Spectrum employees.  We look forward to partnering with James Madison and George Mason in the future to further our relationship with students pursuing  career paths focused on helping others.

GMU2 Job FairJMU2 Job Fair