CPI Enhanced Training

Sep 22, 2015

"It was great to have all the teams together so we could share our experiences and learn from one another!" Tiffany Shiflet- Harrisonburg


This week Spectrum Transformation Group rolled out the enhanced version of CPI Training (Crisis Prevention Intervention).  The training was facilitated by Dr. Cedric Moore, Jr. the Owner/CEO of Spectrum.  Dr. Moore has been a CPI Instructor for over 7 years and recently attended a five day training in New Orleans in which the enhanced version was rolled out.

Spectrum provides CPI training to all employees working in the ABA Intensive Services and Mental Health Skills Building Programs.  The training is part of Spectrum’s ongoing initiative to provide industry-leading training to its staff ensuring both clients and employees remain safe in the home environment.   There are over 2,855 Human Service organizations that utilize CPI, however, only two percent of companies will be able to rollout the enhanced program.

Throughout the training our staff commented on how beneficial the CPI training has been in handling potential crises and how eager they were to participate in the enhanced training.  Employees from both our Harrisonburg and Richmond offices were in attendance which provided a great opportunity for our staff to share their experiences and learn from one another.