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    Spectrum Transformation Group provides high-quality, research-based Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment services to children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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    Evaluation of autism spectrum disorders is complex and needs to include direct observation of the child as well as information from parents, teachers, caregivers, and other professionals working with the child.

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    Our Licensed Clinical Psychologists work with individuals and families from childhood to adulthood on an outpatient basis to achieve treatment goals such as improving social skills, identifying and communicating emotions.

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    We focus on fundamental social skills in creative and reinforcing ways including establishing a physical presence with others, identifying emotions from nonverbal behavior, and developing and maintaining friendships.

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    This Medicaid funded program is goal-directed training to help individuals 18 to 65 achieve and maintain community stability and independence.

Your Resource for Children With Autism

Spectrum Transformation Group is the single, reliable resource for individuals diagnosed along the autism spectrum. Like most parents of children with autism, you’re probably exhausted. Navigating the school system, keeping up with medical concerns, managing insurance and financial issues and locating appropriate community resources for your child – it’s a continual challenge. Our experienced team of clinicians and behavioral counselors will help you identify and access all the medical and non-medical services your child needs to reach his or her full potential.

Recent News

We are now accepting new patients in many of our programs. Call (804) 378-6141 for an appointment or complete a web inquiry on the Contact Us page.

Patient Portal

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Here at Spectrum, we are committed to acquiring and retaining talented individuals. We seek highly skilled and passionate individuals to serve those under our care.

This is the first group of professionals we have worked with to provide this level of intervention for our son with autism and for our entire family. We have needed this type of support for several years and are delighted to finally be receiving it. I have been impressed with their dedication to the field of autism, using best practice, collecting data, working with our schedule, in our home, training and advising the family, all in an extremely supportive way…Spectrum has wrapped themselves into our family life and brought the interventions in with them.